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Here you'll find a small selection of my past projects. They have been curated to remove any confidential information and adapted for ease of display in Jupyter notebooks.

Please note that these are best viewed on a laptop or PC.

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I have a high level of expertise in data analytics, encompassing exploratory, descriptive, predictive, and diagnostic analysis techniques. I have a proven track record of translating complex data into actionable insights, and applying statistical methods to ensure the accuracy and reliability of my findings.

AI & Machine Learning

I'm highly skilled in the realm of realm of AI and machine learning, with extensive experience in developing and deploying models in a wide range of domains including Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Classification, Clustering, and Regression.

Programming & DevOps

I'm an experienced programmer fluent in Python (including core data science libraries such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, and Scikit-Learn), and SQL. I'm also well-versed in modern development standards and frameworks; cloudcomputing and distributed computation platforms; and Big Data technologies.

Commercial Acumen

I'm equipped with strong commercial acumen which is coupled with the ability to perceive the broader landscape of high-level corporate strategy. This enables me to align my work with overarching business objectives and contribute to long-term organizational success.


I have consistently achieved success through collaborative efforts within cross-functional teams by integrating ideas, facilitating open communication, and navigating through varying viewpoints to to the successful execution of projects and initiatives.


I'm proficient at distilling complex concepts into easily understandable terms for non-technical audiences, and influencing key stakeholders by presenting before large groups and senior decision makers with clarity and impact.

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Data Scientist​

I am an experienced data scientist and creative problem solver, dedicated to leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning, and analytics to discover meaningful insights and create impactful solutions.​​

Please feel free to reach out to me via either email or LinkedIn.

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